Erfle Motorsports 2018 Season in Review

Submitted by Lyle Erfle

The 2108 racing season began with a spring NHRA race in Vegas in April. Sheldon Erfle went to the finals in his class and completed two rounds in the race. A week later, Sheldon completed two rounds in the Lucas Oil Division Race in Vegas. Next, Sheldon raced in the Mission Raceway Lucas Oil Division Race, which was a Double Header for three rounds. Unfortunately, Sheldon’s car experienced transmission failure. The transmission was changed in time for the second race, but Sheldon lost the first round to Division Champion, Jody Lang.  Next, the Erfle Motorsports team carried on the Edmonton to the Rocky Mountain Nationals in July – a double-header race, which Sheldon won. Sheldon carried on to the semi-finals on Sunday.

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Next stop, Erfle Motorsports hustled onwards to the National Open in Medicine Hat in late July. Erfle Motorsports went to the final on Saturday, but the lost the semis on Sunday. Next stop, Brainer Minnesota, where Sheldon raced in the Lucas Oil Division Race and lost in the final. In the following week, Erfle Motorsports lost the second round, which was a blessing, because when the car was loaded, the rocker arm broke, ending the 2018 season for Erfle Motorsports. Sheldon finished in 13th place in Division 6, which included racers from Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Erfle Motorsports would like to thank Nelson GM, Integra Tire, Great West Auto and GTH Racing – without their support racing at this level would be very difficult.