Crown land selloffs planned post-election

Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey, questioned the Sask Party's claim of a strong economy due to the massive sell-off of Crown land and assets.

"In the 2016 election, the Sask Party made the same claim only to be off on their budget by 300 percent." said Grey. "The result was a mad scramble by the government to sell off assets and close services. Recent announcements suggest we may expect the same after this election."

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The Sask Party government recently posted their intention of liquidating thousands of acres of Crown land is an indication of the desperate nature of the Sask Party's liberal spending.

"We sometimes see individuals in financial trouble attempt to liquidate assets to keep creditors temporarily at bay. The Sask Party intends to do this after Oct. 26 should they be re-elected." Grey added.

The PC party supports a move to balanced budgets without the desperate sale of assets. The government’s role is to stimulate the economy with business tax cuts and sakes tax cuts, not spend their way out of debt.