After WE, can you trust the Trudeau Liberals?

As Justin Trudeau’s $900-million scandal continues to unfold, one truth has become crystal clear: Justin Trudeau is currently using the COVID-19 emergency spending to enrich his friends. Every day, new details emerge that paint a concerning picture of corruption at the highest levels of government. With this as a backdrop, can the Liberals be trusted to lead us through the recovery?  

We know that the Liberals handed almost a billion-dollar program to an organization with close ties to Justin Trudeau’s family and the Liberal Party. But we also know this wasn’t the only pandemic program that was designed to benefit Liberal insiders. Canadians have also learned the multi-million-dollar rental assistance program was subcontracted to a company with close ties to the prime minister’s chief of staff.

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It is widely expected that the Liberal government will unleash a massive spending package in the coming months, with specific focus on the environment and infrastructure. With this much money at stake, how can Canadians trust the Liberals to not abuse taxpayers’ dollars when they’ve demonstrated time and time again their contempt for the ethical standards Canadians expect.

Many Canadians may recall the Sponsorship Scandal of the late 1990s, when the Jean Chretien Liberals used government advertising dollars to line the pockets of their friends. Liberals gave taxpayer money to Liberal Party linked advertising firms in return for little or no work.

It was after the Auditor General’s investigation and a commitment from the Conservative Party to clean up the corruption in Ottawa, that the Liberal Party was defeated in the 2006 election.

As money flows to help with the recovery, some companies will receive billions of dollars.

Justin Trudeau and his inner circle will be the ones deciding which firms receive your money; they will pick winners and losers.

I am deeply concerned that these decisions will not be made using proper bidding and vetting procedures. The Liberals have shown a tendency to choose their friends and allies, sometimes even bypassing the bidding process in order to award contracts directly to their supporters.   

Which brings us back to the WE scandal.

Almost a billion-dollar program was handed to WE without an open bidding process. The company has very close ties to Justin Trudeau and has paid more than half a million dollars to members of his family.

Canadians have serious questions about the Liberal government’s pandemic spending. We know billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money have been handed out in a very short time frame. How many other Liberal insiders have received sweetheart deals?

Can you trust the scandal-plagued Liberals to make the best decisions with your money? Do you really want Justin Trudeau in charge of handing out billions of dollars? As you think about those questions, remember this: Conservatives know that it’s not our money – it’s your money. And that’s an important difference.