Recreational facilities will fully reopen in Assiniboia when Phase Four begins

The playgrounds, recreation and community facilities in Assiniboia were closed until further notice on March 16 by the Town of Assiniboia. These closures happened soon after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic on March 11.

The Reopen Saskatchewan scheme as planned by the provincial government was broken into phases.

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The government announced Phase Three would begin on June 8, where restaurants, licensed establishments, gyms, fitness facilities, places of worship and child care facilities were allowed to reopen.

In Phase Three, the size of allowable indoor public gatherings increased to 15 people, while the size of outdoor gatherings had multiplied to 30.

Recreation facilities, museums, libraries, aquatic facilities, spray parks, tennis courts and playgrounds were scheduled to prop their doors open in Phase Four of the Reopen Saskatchewan Plan. The dates for Phase Four haven’t been announced as of yet by the provincial government.

There might be a summer day camp program in Assiniboia in Phase Four, since recreational programs were included in this segment of the Reopen Plan. At this time, the Town of Assiniboia is exploring options regarding whether the summer camp should be a virtual or a regular program this year.

Because recreational programs rely on using schools, many programs in Assiniboia won’t be offered until the restrictions on accessing schools are rescinded.

The Assiniboia Regional Park opened on June 1, with every other campsite made available to ensure distancing. However, the washroom and shower facilities will stay closed for the 2020 season.

Tent sites won’t be available in Assiniboia for 2020. The Regional Park Campground became a self-registration facility this year – this effectively disallowed campsites, since these facilities are unable to be reserved.

Assiniboia’s Dog Park at the Assiniboia Regional Park Campground opened on May 25 in Phase Three, albeit with specific regulations designed for users.

Physical distancing, where people were regulated to stay two metres apart unless they were family, or people living together, remained as a mandatory ruling in Phase Three in the Dog Park. The Town of Assiniboia further encouraged park users to dab sanitizer on their hands before touching the entrance gate when walking into the park with their canine friends.

Aquatic Facilities are included in Phase Four of Reopen Saskatchewan, but the Town of Assiniboia is unaware of how the provincial restrictions will affect the Assiniboia Aquatic Centre during the summer at this time.

The Town of Assiniboia is also uncertain if swimming lessons will be offered this year. Meanwhile, the pool is filled with water to safeguard the liner and to keep the pumps running. General maintenance is continuing at the Assiniboia Aquatic Centre to certify that the pool remains in excellent running order.

There could be a slo-pitch season this year in Assiniboia, since ball diamonds are included in Phase Four, but this is still undetermined.

Playgrounds have been included in Phase Four of the Reopen Saskatchewan Plan and will stay closed in town until this phase officially begins.