NDP candidate speaks to community

Saskatchewan’s NDP Party has bumped up its leadership convention to March 3. Now, the pressure is on candidates to intensify their campaigning.
NDP leadership candidate Trent Wotherspoon stopped in Assiniboia to address the NDP’s Wood River constituency members following their annual general meeting on September 10. Candidate Ryan Meili was also scheduled to speak but the birth of his new baby a few days previous changed his travel plans.
Wotherspoon took over as interim leader of the NDP after Cam Broten lost his seat and resigned as NDP leader after the April 2016 provincial election. Then, Wotherspoon stepped down as interim leader in June so that he could run in the party’s leadership race in 2018. He has hit the campaign trail visiting every corner of the province.
Wotherspoon said he is campaigning on his commitment to social democracy. He reiterated that he stands for social justice, equality and the freedom to rebuild the province. Key areas he would work on are getting a balanced budget, improving health care and promoting human rights.
Wotherspoon noted that the Wood River constituency has been a challenge politically because it covers a vast area. Wotherspoon says that the party is meeting this challenge by being innovative, citing the party’s investment into youth. Students worked in every riding in the province that has helped them to mentor the next generation as well as to keep in better touch with ridings in all parts of the province.

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