Mayor Bob Himbeault is excited with what Assiniboia has to offer

Mayor Bob Himbeault is enthusiastic whenever he talks about Assiniboia – a town he was born and raised in. “I’m excited about all our services and facilities.” When Himbeault listed what the town had in terms of healthcare, the list was quite impressive. Assiniboia currently has a hospital with an ER, two long term care facilities and a personal care facility. Plus, there’s the Comfort Jubilee Cottages, the McMorine Manor, along with the Assiniboia Housing Authority, which supports independent living for seniors. Moreover, the town has many professional health services.

Himbeault also talked about the town’s recreational and cultural amenities, including the Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre, the Olympia Theatre, the Shurniak Art Gallery, the Assiniboia & District Museum, the Assiniboia & District Public Library, the Aquatic Centre and the Civic Centre Arena.

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Today, Assiniboia serves as a hub in the south central region of the province. “This is an agricultural town and a service centre for the southern region,” Himbeault said, noting the town is well-positioned on Highways Two and Thirteen. Assiniboia is an hour from Moose Jaw, two hours from Swift Current and two hours from Weyburn.

Assiniboia has many relevant facilities in the area for agricultural producers, such as grain terminals, tire shops and agricultural implement dealerships.

Assiniboia’s large retail sector is diverse and includes many shops and five financial institutions. This community is also blessed with a large hotel, three motels, plus there’s numerous restaurants serving local needs and the requirements of the travelling public. Additionally, there are several entertaining occasions hosted throughout the year in Assiniboia, such as concerts and art shows.

When education is concerned, Assiniboia has a number of public schools from grades K-12. “We’re doing great. We’ve got three schools in our community.”

Himbeault further deliberated over the quality of Assiniboia’s infrastructure. “In the mid-1990s, there was a decision to replace the cast iron waterlines to reduce breaks,” Himbeault explained. The mayor also talked about the recent water treatment plant upgrades. He further examined the necessity for future improvements to the town’s infrastructure, holding a book he described as the Infrastructure Bible. “The Infrastructure Master Plan identified the shape of our infrastructure and identified issues ahead with a 10-year projection.”

Himbeault is pleased with the Golden South Wind Project, which he believes will also be an economic driver for the town. “The wind project will bring a lot of activity into Assiniboia. It’ll be like a shot in the arm. I really think there’ll be more wind projects down here.”

When asked about the future of the community, Himbeault responded, “We will be doing great thanks to a strong volunteer base and a large school population coming up.” Himbeault also noted the town will continue to welcome a large immigrant population to fill several job vacancies.