Wood Mountain Library starts The Adventures of Flat Stanley program

One of the popular programs at the Wood Mountain Library is called the Adventures of Flat Stanley.

In 2019, they held a Story Hour and read a children’s book about a fictional character called Stanley Lambchop, who was unfortunately squished flat as a piece of paper in the story. The library jumped on board with the Flat Stanley idea like other schools and libraries have done in the past, and decided that they would send Flat Stanley through the mail to destinations close to home and all over the world.

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Coloured paper cut outs of Flat Stanley were created, and then were put in a box and the Library drew one Flat Stanley to be signed by all the children. They laminated Flat Stanley so he would travel safely. They created a Facebook page for followers to track his travels; and also took pictures of Flat Stanley around Wood Mountain and at the Wood Mountain Park for followers in other countries to see.

The library board has lined up hosts all over the world that will show Flat Stanley around their areas and send pictures of Stanley with different iconic things that represent their home.

His first destination was Sydney, Australia, where he spent time on Bondi Beach, enjoyed ice cream, had his picture taken at the famous opera house, and more. Then he jumped in the mail and headed to Hong Kong, China.

Then COVID-19 happened so Flat Stanley stayed most of the year with his host family to keep everyone safe. He did have a great time in China though, surfing different beaches, visiting some of the local islands and villages and met a huge tortoise that lives in the neighbourhood.

He also visited Bali, Indonesia to get catch some more waves. At the present time, Flat Stanley is in Holland and the Wood Mountain Library is awaiting new pictures of his adventure.

They plan to send Flat Stanley to as many different locations as possible over 2021. Local residents can follow Flat Stanley’s Adventures by liking the Wood Mountain Library Facebook page and ask to join Flat Stanley’s Adventures to see all the pictures from his travels and await his new travel pictures.