Mental Health and Wellness Team creates Wellness Toolkits

When we are not at our best, it is difficult to think rationally. It could be useful to keep a “soothe” bag/box (toolkit) in a convenient place so that when you feel overwhelmed you can access your toolkit and have effective strategies at your fingertips.

A Wellness Toolkit is a resource of unique/personal items to help yourself stay well, or a list of things you could do to help yourself feel better when you are not coping well. Everyone’s Wellness Toolkit will be different … creating your own is proven to be very therapeutic on its own.

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Residents can pick up your free starter toolkit at Mom’s Florist (limited quantities available). Each take home tub contains: information/instructions with suggestions on items you  may think about adding, resource sheets with tips and tricks to help you through difficult situations, as well as pencil crayons and adult coloring sheets. Fill it with items that will help promote calming for you and/or your family during stressful and anxious times.

During the month of February and March, the Mental Health and Wellness Team ran a Wellness Bingo. Assiniboia and area residents Krista Lidberg and Holly Silzer. They received Wellness Toolkits complete with items such as: hand lotion, adult coloring book with pencil crayons, timer, rocks, deck of cards, Kleenex, “Pause” book; 100 moments of calm, fidget spinner, lifesaver, journal and pen, label cards to write personal messages on, hope bracelet, Affirmation Card Collection.

Local residents can check out future articles in the Assiniboia Times and our Facebook page: Mental Health and Wellness Team Assiniboia for upcoming Mental Health Week Challenge.

The Mental Health and Wellness Team Assiniboia consists of a variety of community members whose vision is to help create a society that embraces and invests in the mental health of all people.