Kincaid is a quiet village with many great services available

Incorporated as a village in 1913, Kincaid is 73.4 kilometres west of Assiniboia and positioned in the RM of Pinto Creek No. 75. The village is also situated close to a crossroads where Highway Nineteen progressing north-south and Highway Thirteen streaming east-west nearly interconnect. While Kincaid has a minute population of 111 according to the 2016 Canada Census, this attractive, historic community has retained several great businesses and services.

“It’s small, but the people work together,” said long-time resident, Laurie Turgeon.

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For some residents, Kincaid’s smaller size is one of its many appealing qualities. Clark Harper has lived in Regina before, but returned to Kincaid to enjoy village life once again where  he grew up. “I wouldn’t live here if I didn’t like it,” Harper said.   

Last year, the town proved its mettle, when they joined together to purchase a fire truck through fundraising efforts.    

Kincaid is tiny, but this village has all the indispensable conveniences. Scully’s Foods in Kincaid serves fresh produce, meat and alcohol. The Canada Post on 15 Dominion Avenue is open every weekday and on Saturday morning as well. The Full Moon Tavern in the village is accessible each day until 10 p.m. although opening hours sometimes differ. For medical needs, Kincaid’s Wellness Centre is available three days a week. At the present, there aren’t any gas services in the village. Kincaid doesn’t have any agricultural machinery retail shops either. However, Doug’s Junction Service provides auto repair work in town. Moreover, Sadowski Service in Kincaid maintains heavy duty mechanical equipment used in agriculture and for other means. For book readers and for those requiring internet services, Kincaid’s library in the town office is open three days a week.      

The village’s K-12 school supports 119 fulltime students. According to Loriann Macpherson who works in administration for Kincaid, there are nine full time instructors at the school along with four support staff.

Sports facilities play a big factor in Kincaid, with artificial ice skating and curling rinks run by volunteers who clean the facility and cook for the concession throughout the winter seasons. During the summers, Kincaid has baseball diamonds for ballplayers. Every Canada Day, Kincaid hosts a slo-pitch tournament attended by many in the region.

To find out more about Kincaid’s history, contact the village’s office to visit the Kincaid Museum, which is open upon request.