Coronach’s first street market draws in many from the region

Nineteen vendors occupied Coronach’s first Street Market on the last day in August this Labour Day weekend. Angela Gent, an EMS representative from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, had her ambulance parked on the east end of Centre Street, where she was checking vital signs. “It’s great. We’ve been fairly steady with getting people’s blood pressures taken.” She was also examining blood sugar levels and other health concerns for anyone interested during Saturday’s market on August 31 from 9-6 p.m.

Bikram Sandhu from Weyburn had regular queues of eager kids at his van who were buying the flavoured shaved ice from Kona Ice based in Regina. “It is a good day. We didn’t have any rain. People are eating and going to all the shops,” Sandhu said.

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On the west of Centre Street, Schnell Enterprises Limited were constantly dishing out poutine, hot dogs, burgers and other foods to hungry attendees from their van. “It’s been great,” Trevor replied when asked how his business was fairing during the market.    

Janel Korbo and Courtney Setrum of the K&S Variety clothing store in Coronach were both pleased with public’s response to the market they helped create. “We’re really happy with the turnout. Next year, we hope to double the vendors.” Without Korbo and Setrum, the market might not have happened, as they were the ones who had approached the vendors when the outdoor event was being planned. 

“It’s our first street market. It turned out really well,” Heidi Watson from the EDY Community Development Cooperative said. Watson wears three hats, as she’s the cooperative’s treasurer, secretary and marketer. She discussed the market in greater detail, saying the funds acquired from the vendors will go to street revitalization projects in Coronach. This year, vendors paid $30 per stall at this trendy happening in Coronach attended by many locals of all ages.