Today’s musicians aren’t being fairly remunerated on the internet

The internet is a fascinating venue for entertainment. A staggering variety of television programs, movies and music are available on several apps at the click of a mouse.

There’s a wide span of accessible music online through venues such as YouTube, from the latest alt-country acts, pop tunes and classical serenades. Even the most obscure music imaginable is available on the internet. Anything from Bulgarian folk music to Mongolian punk rock to Jamaican folk music from the 1930s can be sourced online with ease.

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Although the internet is fantastic for promoting, sustaining and increasing the availability of all sorts of music, artists worldwide are losing out on royalties. Meanwhile, the majority of consumers have transitioned from buying CDs and records in brick and mortar shops to purchasing music online, but most artists aren’t being fairly compensated for their efforts.  

Valentina Perez reported on study by Atlas VPN – their research confirmed the music industry had moved to streaming services. Moreover, the research concluded that several musical artists had to accumulate massive amounts of clicks to earn a pittance in wages.

“According to Atlas VPN investigation, music streaming services are now the largest revenue source for recorded music. In 2019, music streaming accounted for $7.1 billion or 63.6 per cent of all recorded music revenue, which reached $11.1 billion,” Perez stated.

The research by Atlas VPN concluded that Spotify – a widespread music streaming service – compensated artists at $0.00348 U.S. per play. Creators had to receive at least 362 thousand clicks to earn $1,260 U.S.

YouTube – the most popular streaming service, paid $0.00154 US per play or $1,540 US per one million hits. In order to earn $1,260 US, musicians had to reach 818 thousand views.

Apple Music compensated $0.00675 US revenue per play, meaning one million listens were required before the artist earned $6,750 US.

Amazon Music was in fourth place, paying out $0.00426 US per play or $4,260 US for one million listens.

The report in full regarding fees paid to musical artists through online venues by John C. for Atlas VPN can be viewed here.