Art Night at the Willow Bunch Library is a big hit with local children and parents

The Willow Bunch Library hosts Art Night usually on the second Friday of each month for children and parents from 6:30-8 p.m. At the latest Art Night, the 12-person group of children from all age groups along with mothers, dads and a grandma were creating paintings inspired by the French Impressionist Monet on Friday, September 13 at the library located on 2 F Ave S in Willow Bunch.

“We started this a year ago,” said Barb Gibbons, the town’s librarian. “They come to learn about art and work together.” The projects for the library’s art night change every month. Gibbons also talked about the art assignment for Halloween – a black cat of course. But the participants are allowed to interpret their monthly subjects at Art Night anyway they wish, because Gibbons wants her young artists to express themselves without having to follow strict guidelines.

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She talked about a Christmas project which had the group assigned to paint snowmen on old records. Gibbons said some of the snowmen were square or even rectangular. “Kids like to experiment,” Gibbons explained, also saying “They can do what they want to do.” Gibbons believes the library’s art nights are meant to teach children that art is about individualistic expression.

How did the Willow Bunch Library’s Art Night begin? “We started years ago by having a Family Fun Night, but it changed to Art Night when we ran out of ideas,” Gibbons said. “We do lots of art programs,” the librarian added.

The art group at the Willow Bunch Library is open to anyone who would like to come out and get involved. The library also hosts a story time on Thursdays at 10:30 with children from Coronach, Fife Lake and other nearby communities attending these sessions regularly.