What do they want for Christmas?

Children are usually much easier to buy presents for at Christmas, because their desires are more transparent than adults.

Unlike buying gifts for adults, subtle detective work such as checking their Pinterest accounts, spying on internet searches, asking their friends, or testing out gift ideas through discussions at the dinner table isn’t always necessary.

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Generally, parents know what their children want for Christmas, because children have either dropped hints themselves throughout the year, or they’ve fully expressed what they’ve hoped to find beneath the boughs of the Christmas tree by the morning of December 25.

Stocking stuffers such as gift cards are fine – but the ideal presents are gift-wrapped toys, clothes, books and other items, which were purchased with each individual child kept in mind.

Elementary-school-aged children at Assiniboia’s Seventh Avenue School, Coronach School and Mossbank School were asked by their principals and other school staff members what they wanted for Christmas in 2020.

The children’s answers were sweet-natured, direct and specific as always.