Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation urged drivers to give wildlife a brake

Autumn is the breeding season for both moose and deer species, causing increased roaming as they actively seek out mates in new territories. Due to this spike in wildlife mobility, the majority of vehicular collisions with wildlife has coincided with the fall.

Saskatchewan drivers saw 16,761collisions with wildlife, causing 350 injuries and one death in 2019. In addition, over $80 million in insurance claims were made as a result of wildlife collisions, which is why the SWF urged the public to stay alert and keep wildlife at top of their minds when travelling to prevent vehicle accidents with animals.

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“Extra precautions should always be taken around high-risk areas that are identified by wildlife crossing signs,” said Darrell Crabbe, SWF Executive Director, “We can greatly reduce potential collisions, injuries and deaths through additional caution and awareness during this time of the year.

Constant vigilance and reducing vehicle speeds, especially from dusk until dawn, can significantly help motorists to avoid collisions.

For more information on circumventing vehicular accidents with wild animals, or what to do when an animal is hit, please call 306 692 8812.