Rockglen Tourism’s Doughgod Day

Rockglen and District Tourism celebrated their closing weekend with their annual Labor Day Doughgod Day and a Farmer’s Market on August 31.

Occurring on their Victoria Day opening and Labor Day Weekend closing of the Rockglen Visitor Centre, Doughgod Days have become anxiously-awaited events.

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For the un-initiated, Doughgods are puffy, plate sized bread dough, deep fried to a crisp golden color and served with your choice of toppings that include Saskatoon, chokecherry, strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry, maple syrup, or dusted with cinnamon and sugar.  For the rest of us, Doughgods are a treat that brings us back twice a year to binge with our fellow addicts.

Area gardeners and craftspeople gather at less regular dates to advertise and sell produce and all kinds of crafts. This year jams and preserves were in good supply, along with pumpkins and squash, honey, poultry, artful woodworking, quality kitchenware, information about Broken Arrow’s programs for socially challenged children and many others.

The following home-based businesses participated in the Farmer’s Market: Big Muddy Crafts, Julianne Heagy (Pampered Chef), Pat’s Preserves,  Norwax, Amy Miller of Sage Valley Farm, Julia Florell (Juicy Designs), Mojilife, Broken Arrow Youth Ranch,  Veralynne Seipp- Alexander -- homemade jams, Eileen Paradise -- homemade blankets and Ellert’s Honey.