Pink Shirt Day was an important event

Pink Shirt Day was celebrated by schools across the province on February 24. Grade 5 students from Marni Chadwick’s class at Assiniboia Elementary School shared the importance of celebrating Pink Shirt Day.

I want to stop bullying.” – Ashtyn.

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“It helps people to learn how to handle bullying.” – Rylan.

“I feel it is important because no bullying would be awesome.” – Om.

“It is important to stand up to bullying.” – Jillian.

“It  is important because bullying needs to stop.” – Morgan.

“It is important because it shows that I care.” – Paige.

“I found it important because when you celebrate Pink Shirt Day it shows the people who get bullied that they are not alone.” – Juliette.

“I think it is important to celebrate Pink Shirt Day because it tells people that it is not good to bully.” – Brooklyn.

Things to highlight:

“Bullying doesn’t just happen with kids. It happens with all age groups of people.”

“Always try to stop bullying.” 

“We can’t control how a bully acts, but we can control how we react to them.”

“Do not be a bystander.  Step in or get help if you see someone getting bullied.”

“Bullying will stop faster if someone steps in.” 

“Bullies put people down because they have low self-esteem and are trying to make themselves feel better by making others feel worse.” 

“Pink Shirt Day isn’t just about wearing a pink shirt. It is about sending a message about Anti-bullying, Kindness and Inclusion.”  

“I can do something to stop bullying just by standing up for someone whether I know them or not.”  

Supports available:

“All the teachers are there when you need them.” 

“My support would be all my friends.” 

“My best friend always has my back.” 

“Celebrate Pink Shirt Day.”

“We learn strategies to deal with bullying and have conversations about it.” 

Adults you trust at school to help with bullying:

Homeroom teacher, principal, other teachers.

Teachers, staff and EAs

“As a staff, we try to build relationships with our students so they feel safe getting help from any of us.  Of course, the teachers/staff member they know best or feel most comfortable with is usually who the students will go to first.” – Mrs. Chadwick