Holiday gift ideas to support the arts are available at Mom’s Florist

Bunches and Bouquets of Joy are the ideal gift for this holiday season, since each sale will assist with the growth of arts in Assiniboia and throughout the surrounding communities.

Bunches and Bouquets of Joy are on sale at Mom’s Florist in Assiniboia on 128 Centre Street. Bunches are available for $70 or purchasers can upgrade and buy bouquets for $120.

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For six delightful months, (January 2021 to June 2021), those with coupons will receive garden-fresh cut flowers from Mom’s Florist.

Why are flowers the ideal gift?

Flowers are the perfect gift for many reasons. For starters, flowers are non-toxic and biodegradable. Additionally, flowers don’t arrive in complex packaging, they never require batteries and complicated instructions written in eight languages, nor do they come with hard-to-understand diagrams.

Flowers aren’t fattening like chocolate, cakes and pastries. Instead, they are fresh, colourful and scented with inspiring aromas of perfumes and spices.

But perhaps the greatest thing about Bunches and Bouquets of Joy is their association with the Assiniboia and District Arts Council. This offer available at the town’s local flower shop is also an annual Assiniboia and District Arts Council fundraiser.

In association with OSAC (Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils), the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Sask Culture (funded by Saskatchewan Lotteries) and the Canadian Federal Government, the Assiniboia and District Arts Council have organized concerts, art shows, art retreats, art talks and other arts-related events with the objective of encouraging and instigating creativity of all sorts in this area.

When people buy Bunches and Bouquets of Joy, they are uplifting the growth of arts and culture in this community, as well as gifting an extraordinary person in their lives with the non-toxic, non-fattening and straightforward gift of flowers.