First Assiniboia Scouts Host Annual Car Derby

First Assiniboia Scouts hosted youth from the Moose Jaw Scouts for their annual Kub Kar Rally on Saturday, March 9. Twenty-five youth from Assiniboia and Moose Jaw participated in the event. Beavers (ages 5-7) were presented with dog tags and crests for joining in this exciting occasion. Cubs (ages 8-10) were given awards for first, second and third place in the Best Performance cars and People’s Choice car categories. Scouts (ages 11-14) were also bestowed with awards including first, second and third place in the Best Performance Big Rigs and People’s Choice classes. Youth had to show combined skills in handling their cars in five different trials, including obstacle courses, stop on the spot, distance on the floor, furthest distance from the track and fastest speed on track. A special thank you to our Venture age youth (ages 15-18) who volunteered to help run the derby. Ventures, parents and leaders even got a chance to join in the fun in the open class event.


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Kub Kars are toy racing cars built from kits. Each kit contains a block of pine, plastic wheels and metal axles. The wood is sawn (usually by adults) to Cub Scouts’ specifications. The youth then sand, add paint and other embellishments for speed and style. Kars are raced – often three at a time – down a sloped wooden track. Sometimes, electronic timers are used. Cub Scouts can also demonstrate a great deal of creativity in making their cars. Beavers assemble and decorate Beaver Buggies Kits. Likewise, Scouts design, cut, sand and paint big rigs from kit assemblies.